NRB likely to explore new options to distribute new banknotes this Dashain

File: New banknotes for Dashain

Kathmandu, October 7

Nepal Rastra Bank is thinking of new options to distribute new banknotes this Dashain as the traditional way of distributing notes from its branches would gather crowds thereby increasing the risk of coronavirus infection.

The central bank, however, is yet to make a decision on how the distribution process will go ahead this year amid the increasing number of cases.

But, it is almost certain that the old-style long queues will not be seen in front of NRB offices in the capital and across the country this year, according to NRB spokesperson Gunakar Bhatta.

“We will give new notes but we are not sure what way we will follow.”

It has been decades that Nepal’s central bank has been letting common people exchange their old banknotes with the new ones ahead of Dashain, the biggest festival of Nepalis.

In the previous years, thousands would queue up in front of designated banks to get the new notes so that they could give it to their family members and relatives as dakshina while putting tika. 

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