Various ways you can enjoy goat meat this Dashain festival

goat meat curry dishes
Representational image of goat meat. Photo: Pexels/ Prabal Pratap Singh

As the Dashain is in full swing, many are looking forward to the festive feast. And for many goats are an integral part of Dashain, almost synonymous, making the biggest festival of the nation more special. But, during this festive season, you do not have to just enjoy the curry, you can also explore and enjoy more delicacies with other parts of the goat. So, here are some of the easy ways you can explore the goat meat dishes and appease your taste buds.

Muscle Meat

Starting from the most common one, you can certainly enjoy the meat of the goat. Tender cuts from the loin and rib areas, such as chops or racks, which are often prepared as grilled goat chops or roasted goat racks. These cuts are marinated with a blend of herbs, garlic, and olive oil before grilling or roasting to perfection. Tougher cuts from the shoulder or leg are ideal for slow-cooking methods like braised goat stew or goat curry. The meat is marinated and then cooked slowly with aromatic spices, resulting in tender and flavourful dishes.


Goat heart, with its distinct flavour and slightly dense texture, can be marinated in a mixture of spices, herbs, and oil for a few hours. After marinating, it can be skewered and grilled, resulting in a dish often known as grilled goat heart. Sliced goat heart can also be used in traditional stews, like goat heart stew, where it absorbs the flavours of the simmering broth and other ingredients.


Goat liver, known for its rich nutrient profile and robust flavour, can be sliced and sautéed with onions, garlic, and various spices to create spiced goat liver. Another popular dish is liver pâté, where the liver is cooked, blended with butter, herbs, and spices, and then chilled to form a spreadable paste, often enjoyed with crackers or bread.


Goat kidneys, with a tender texture and a rich, gamey taste, are commonly used in kidney pie or kidney stew. To prepare, the kidneys are cleaned, halved, and sautéed with onions, mushrooms, and a savoury sauce. The mixture is then enclosed in pastry for a pie or simmered for a hearty stew.


Goat tongue is tender and flavourful, making it ideal for braised goat tongue. The tongue is marinated with spices, braised until tender, and thinly sliced for serving. It’s often served as part of sandwiches, tacos, or salads, enhancing their taste and texture.


Tripe, the stomach lining of the goat, requires thorough cleaning before cooking. It’s commonly used in dishes like tripe soup or spiced tripe stew. The tripe is simmered with aromatic spices, vegetables, and sometimes beans to create a flavoursome and slightly chewy dish.

Mutton Bhutuwa


Thymus or pancreas of a goat, also called the sweetbreads, are delicate and creamy in texture. They are usually blanched to remove impurities, then pan-fried or grilled until golden brown. Pan-seared goat sweetbreads are a popular dish, often served with a flavourful sauce made from wine, herbs, and butter, enhancing their taste.

Bones and Marrow

Goat bones are often used to prepare goat bone broth. The bones are roasted to enhance flavour and then simmered with vegetables and herbs to make a rich, nutritious broth. The marrow, when extracted from the bones, can be spread on toast as roasted goat marrow toast or used to enrich sauces and stews.


In addition to liver and kidneys, other offal parts like the heart and liver can be used in dishes such as goat offal stew or mixed goat offal curry. These dishes incorporate a combination of organ meats, often braised or stewed with spices and vegetables for a hearty meal.


Goat skin can be utilized to make crispy goat skin snacks. The skin is seasoned, dried, and then roasted or fried until crispy, resulting in a crunchy snack. It can also be used in goat skin stew, where it adds a gelatinous texture and richness to the dish.


The head of the goat can be used to create goat head soup or goat head curry. The head is simmered with spices and vegetables to make a flavourful broth, and the tender parts of the head, like cheeks, are often used in the dish. The head can also be braised and used in braised goat heads or similar dishes.

khasi ko masu goat meat
A bowl of khasi ko masu (goat meat curry). Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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