House agrees to let NID tap phones without court’s approval

A meeting of the Legislation Committee in Parliament

Kathmandu, March 18

A committee in Parliament has agreed to formulate a new law that would allow the National Investigation Department to tap phones without a court approving it.

A few months ago, the government had registered the Special Service Bill that also introduced the provision that investigation officers can tap phones. The main opposition party, Nepali Congress, had objected to the provision stating it would invade people’s privacy. However, the opposition lawmakers also agreed to let the department tap phones provided there will be another provision about the punishments given in case of misuse.

It means if the officers are found to be using the information they received from tapped phones for other purposes than their assignment, they will be punished.

A meeting of the Legislation Committee in the Federal Parliament approved the provision today, according to the Nepali Congress parliamentary party leader in the National Assembly, Radheshyam  Adhikari.

The committee, however, is yet to decide if the information obtained from phone tapping can be considered a piece of evidence.

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