Finance minister’s white paper: Will bring replacement bill to change budget ordinance

Finance Minister Janardan Sharma addresses the parliament meeting, on Tuesday, August 10, 2021.

Kathmandu, August 10

Finance Minister Janardan Sharma says he will present a replacement bill to make changes to the budget plan for the ongoing fiscal year 2021/22 that the previous government had announced in an ordinance after dissolving the House.

Presenting a white paper on the national economy in the reinstated House meeting on Tuesday, Sharma said parties in the coalition government would discuss the issue and prepare a replacement bill thereby correcting the ordinance’s shortcomings.

He claimed the new bill would address challenges created by the Covid-19 crisis, people’s concerns as well as the common minimum programme finalised by coalition parties.

Sharma said the country’s government reserve is at a loss of Rs 143 billion. He criticised the previous government for increasing the budget size without considering sources of the revenues.

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