Equipped with broom, Nepal PM to launch campaign against Kathmandu dust, smoke

Kathmandu, January 18

After receiving increasing complaints about dust in Kathmandu through Hello Sarkar and social networking sites, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ will soon descend on the streets to clean up the Capital.

This comes amid increase in dust particles in Kathmandu’s air, thanks mainly to Ring Road expansion and installation of pipelines as part of the Melamchi drinking water project.

On its part, the Prachanda government has concluded that it alone cannot control this pollution. So, Prime Minister Prachanda, like his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi, will descend on the streets with a broom and help clean the city, appealing people to join him in the clean Kathmandu initiative.

As part of this campaign, in a few days, the government will ask people in Kathmandu to don masks and come out of home for 15 minutes daily and clean the streets. Damodar Regmi, spokesperson for the Office of the Prime Minister, told Onlinekhabar preparations for the launch of the campaign are in the final stage.

As per the initiative, people will clean the streets with brooms and dispose of dust and other waste particles at designated spots. City authorities will do the waste management work. Regmi said the government will involve Nepal Army, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, teachers and civil servants in the campaign.

According to Regmi, PMO is receiving complaints daily that dust and smoke have caused an increase in respiratory diseases.

Amid increase in such complaints, Hello Sarkar, the government hotline, had sought suggestions through Facebook and Twitter on ways to control the dust. Based on suggestions from the public, the government started discussions on ways to control dust and smoke, Pradhyumna Upadhyaya, under-secretary at Hello Sarkar, informed.


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