China denies territorial disputes with Nepal, says Nepal may verify if Beijing encroached on its land

Buildings allegedly constructed by China on the Nepali side, encroaching the Nepali land, in Limi of Humla, in September 2020.

Kathmandu, September 23

The Chinese government has denied media reports that claimed it constructed nine buildings in Lapcha Bagar of Humla encroaching on the Nepali land.

The spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu says in a statement on Wednesday morning, “The buildings mentioned by the media have been verified to be on the Chinese side of the China-Nepal border.”

The statement, however, reads, “The Nepali side may make verification again.”

The embassy claims China and Nepal are friendly neighbours and China has always respected Nepal’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“China and Nepal have no territorial disputes. The two sides have always maintained close communication on border affairs.”

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