Journal that ‘corrected’ Nepali history is on its deathbed

Nepal’s prominent historian Mahesh Raj Panta celebrated his 75th birthday last week. This happy-go-lucky scholar is not much concerned about the difficulties of old age. There is something more important that haunts him. Panta, a member of the Nepali history revisionist school, and an editor of its ‘quarterly’ journal Poornima, says the iconic publication awaits its […]

Snow leopard population overestimated in Nepal? DNA study suggests it may be

>>Researchers conducted a large-scale survey of potential snow leopard habitat in Nepal to re-estimate the species’ population density using the non-invasive technique of collecting environmental DNA from scat samples combined with standard genetic analyses. >>This method enabled the researchers to sample a larger, more representative, area than many previous studies, often conducted in prime leopard […]