Occupy Tundikhel is over. What did it achieve? What next?

Three months ago, a group of citizens in Kathmandu launched the Occupy Tundikhel campaign with the overwhelming participation of people in Khulamanch, an open ground in central Kathmandu. The citizen-led three-month campaign advocating the need for open space in Kathmandu and urging the concerned parties to stop the encroachment of Tundikhel, which also includes Khulamanch, […]

Living the life of a god: Pleasures and pains of Kathmandu’s lord Bhairav

Amid the teenage students in uniform, Rojan Shakya stands out in his long blue kurta-suruwal, and a shimmering, jagged traditional vest. Where his school imposes a strict rule on short hairs for others, he can be seen with long hairs too, tied in a tight bun with red ribbons. In conventional standards, to see a […]