Kathmandu Triennale is my tribute to the city and the artist: Philippe Van Cauteren

Philippe Van Cauteren is the curator of Kathmandu Triennale (2017), a non-commercial, art initiative of Siddhartha Arts Foundation, which aims to promote Nepali arts and culture. Devendra Gautam caught up with Cauteren, artistic director of Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst in Ghent, Belgium, to talk about his journey as a curator, the Nepali and global […]

In conversation with Chitwan National Park’s proud founding father

Hemanta R. Mishra went against the current when he chose to study forestry in the mid-1960s. The decision was, in his words, a revolt against his father, who wished to see his son in the plush office of the Nepal Embassy in London. Mishra, however, was happiest in the wilderness. He got his dream job […]