Beijing says reports about China annexing Nepali land are ‘complete rumours’

Kathmandu, November 3

Once again, the Chinese government has said reports that China encroached on the Nepali land in Humla district of Nepal are not true.

Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry’s spokesperson Wang Wenbin says the reports are “totally fake and pure rumours.”

As reported in Global Times, a newspaper operated by the Chinese Communist Party, the spokesperson said in a press conference on Tuesday, “They are rumours, I am afraid it is the writer who should provide evidence.”    

“I suggest writers verify a source before reporting. I can tell you again that such reports are complete rumours,” Wang said, adding the reports do not have any actual factual basis. 

Earlier in September, when the reports appeared, the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu and the government of Nepal had also issued denials separately.

However, a team of the main opposition party, Nepali Congress, had claimed it found evidence of encroachment.

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