Nepal’s pioneer contemporary painter Giri’s journey from Varanasi to Norway

Pramila Giri is among the pioneer painters of Nepal, a noted sculptor and painter who has exhibited not just in Nepal but in Norway, India, the US, and several other countries. Among the first generation of contemporary women painters, Giri’s career spans over several decades. She recently held a solo exhibition, after 14 years, at the Nepal […]

In Photos: A sugary treat to mark the winter’s end

  As Dashain and Tihar comes to an end every year, make-shift ‘confectioneries’ at Kathmandu’s ancient Newar settlement of Tokha start cooking up delicious Chaku, a sticky taffee with bits of nuts and coconut encrusted on it. Even though the products don’t go into sales until a few months later during Yomari Punhi and Maghe […]