‘Chhakka Panja’ movie review: A laughing stock

Aama Saraswoti Geeta Devi Films Chhakka Panja marks the third collaboration between comedians Deepak Raj Giri and Deepa Shree Niraula and a motley crew of comedians, all of whom share a common provenance of prime time comedy shows thriving on what could be broadly called ‘social satire’. While it is only natural to see the […]

Why being bilingual helps keep your brain fit

In a café in south London, two construction workers are engaged in cheerful banter, tossing words back and forth. Their cutlery dances during more emphatic gesticulations and they occasionally break off into loud guffaws. They are discussing a woman, that much is clear, but the details are lost on me. It’s a shame, because their […]