5 reasons why you should vote even though it’s for ‘bad’ leaders in Nepal

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With a new round of local, provincial and federal elections expected in Nepal within this year, people have begun discussing whether they will vote or for whom. Probably hundreds of times, you have already heard people saying that they would not vote because the leaders here are bad in general. They say there is not any reason why you should vote.

Yet, visit a voting booth on election day and you will be surprised to see how people excessively queue up waiting for their turn to cast votes.

Why is so? Why is it important to vote even if it is for ‘bad’ leaders?

Electoral and voting systems serve as a critical link between public engagement and democratic representation; they also provide a framework for free and fair elections and political reform.  This is the primary reason why voting rights are so critical to our country and society.

Sound electoral systems provide representatives with the authority to make choices on behalf of others and provide legitimacy to governments. However, Nepal has a  history of candidates not fulfilling their promises or making fake promises just to garner votes to get in a position of power. Because of this, many have lost faith in the elections and do not vote. But, as voting is an important part of democracy, here are a few reasons why you should vote even though you do not like the candidates.

Here are five reasons.

1. Elections have consequences

Representational file: People of Nepal
Representational file: People of Nepal

You have the ability to choose the type of life you desire for yourself and future generations. Voting gives you the opportunity to advocate for topics that are important to you, such as public transit, raising the minimum wage, or financing local schools. This is your life; take the time to consider what is best for you. So it is very important and should be made very clear that you should vote in any country even if the leaders are bad.

2. Not voting is giving up your voice

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Elections are decided by the number of people who vote. Take the time to educate yourself about the measures and the candidates. If you do not vote, the choice will be made for you. Your vote gives you power. Learning that the votes, even though it is of one single person, one can hold a lot of power over a nation’s democracy. You should vote if you want to be your own master.

3. It is your money

You pay taxes. One might not know where the hard-earned money that they pay as taxes is being spent. Voting gives you the opportunity to direct how your tax funds are spent, such as financing for healthcare and social services. Organising elections are also a result of taxpayers’ money so it is a good idea to be a part of the process. You should vote if you have respect for your earnings.

4. Voting is an opportunity for change

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Voting allows you to make a positive impact on the nation, by supporting the candidates and ballot proposals that will benefit your town, state, and even the nation as a whole. The choices you make may even impact the nation and future generations. How exactly? Your votes can break even any conflict and help decide the leadership of your country. You should vote if you want to participate in nation-building by making your own voice known.

5. The community depends on you

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Friends, loved ones, neighbours, and children make up your community. Some people may be unaware of the significance of voting while others might not have the opportunity. If you choose the right local leader, you can see your community getting upliftment. The nation has already seen some such examples in the last five years. So, decide to vote for yourself and others around you. In other words, you should vote if you love the people around you.

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