Crave Bakery: A safe haven for the sweet teeth amid antiquities of Patan

As someone who has a sweet tooth, I have a fondness for dessert. Whenever I come across a bakery, I always end up getting into one and trying a few of their specials. That is what took me to Crave Bakery at Nak Bahil in Patan earlier this week.

Located in an old Newar neighbourhood of the ancient city, the Crave Bakery is quaint. Sitting in the bakery, you can watch the city walk by you. In an area that is surrounded by commercial shops and handicraft stores, a bakery like this felt like a safe haven.

A variety of offers

The mousseline cakes at Crave Bakery are a must-try.

But, I was not there to feel melancholic. I was there to eat and eat I did. First, I tried the blueberry mousseline cake. This was one of the most savoury dessert items I had had in quite some time. Filled with blueberry mousse, this is a treat for those who love cake. It is fluffy and rich and is the place’s signature item. Considering its size, it is perfect for couples who want to celebrate their special days too.

With it, I also got the oreo shake. On a really hot day, that drink gave me renewed energy. It was not sweet and had the right blend of milk and ice cream. If you love milkshakes, you ought to try them also at the Crave Bakery.

Sipping the shake, I went to the counter and found something not many places have. A cake sickle that looks like an old-school popsicle but is a chocolate-covered little cake on a stick. This is quite good too. The outer layer is crispy which complements the fluffy inner layer. It is perfect for kids.

Crave Bakery also has an outlet near the British Gurkha Camp in Manbhavan.

The bakery also serves red velvet cake. Unlike other bakeries, this one tastes different. It has a hint of chocolate which gives it added flavour.  Its milk truffle is worth a try too. Its creamy and smooth texture will make you want to come back for more.

Some specialities

cake sickle at Crave Bakery is another item you ought to try.

While the Crave Bakery also has usual cakes like black forest, white forest and vanilla cakes, for birthdays and other occasions, it is more famous for the innovative cakes it has been making in the past few years. For example, its matcha cake, which is made with green tea powder, is a treat. Its earthy flavour is something everyone should try. This is for those who want a hint of bitterness on their dessert. Its oreo and baked cheesecakes are also worth trying. Apart from this, the bakery also makes customised cakes based on people’s preferences.

It also has some salty snacks like chicken patties and sausage rolls and the operators say they will add more dishes gradually along with vegetarian options.


In operation since 2012, the Crave Bakery also has an outlet in Manbhavan. Like most bakeries, Crave also offers a 15 per cent discount on bakery items after 6 pm and is also thinking about giving students a 10 per cent discount. It also has a loyalty card scheme through which it offers a free cup of coffee after a consumer buys six cups. For those looking for bread, it also has a range of brown and multi-grain bread on offer.

The Crave Bakery also has a range of mini cake options for those who do not want to take a full pound of cake. But, the operators say it is better to call and pre-order.

Location – Nakbahil, Patan (5 min walk from Patan Dhoka)

Phone – 01 5534744 or 9801092460

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