Save the Children condemns violence against children in Nepal

Kathmandu, December 1

Save the Children, an international child rights organisation, has claimed incidents of violence against children are on the rise in Nepal, condemning such acts, particularly sexual violence against girls.

“Save the Children calls upon the federal and local government, and all relevant stakeholders to take strong actions to protect children of Nepal,” the organisation says in a statement issued on Sunday in response to a recent incident in which a minor was killed, reportedly after rape.

“As enshrined in the Constitution of Nepal, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Child Rights Act 2018, we urge the government to uphold the rights of children, ensure protection mechanism is mobilised effectively and efficiently to protect children and prevents such cases from happening in the future.”

“The recently reported cases of violence underscore the need for all acts of violence against children to be reported to the authorities and dealt with by the legal system. We urge the law enforcement agencies and judicial system to ensure swift application of legal redress,” said Jennifer Syed, Country Director of Save the Children in Nepal. 

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