Nepal approves Vero Cell, Chinese Covid-19 vaccine, for emergency use

Photo: Pexels/Thirdman

Kathmandu, February 18

Nepal has approved the emergency use of Vero Cell, a Covid-19 vaccine made by China.

This is the second Covid-19 vaccine approved by the government after Covishield produced in India.

The government was under pressure to approve the Chinese vaccine as soon as possible as the Beijing government was preparing to donate a half-million doses of Vero Cell vaccines to Nepal.

Nepal has not purchased any Covid-19 vaccine so far as it is highly dependent on donors although it has recently decided to buy two million doses of the vaccines from India. So far, it is using the vaccines from one million doses donated by India under its #VaccineMaitri programme.

It has been nearly one month since the country launched the first vaccination drive, but the vaccines have not reached the common people yet.

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