Use these 9 platforms if you are in Kathmandu–for you can’t download your food

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

You cannot download the dishes you want to have. But, you can definitely get those foods at your own place within a few minutes, at least in urban areas of Nepal such as Kathmandu.  Thanks to various food delivery services or platforms, getting food at your doorsteps at any time of the day has become possible.

This service has been saving people’s time as well as quenching their hunger without them having to go to restaurants or cafe. In Kathmandu, if you are hungry or craving for your favourite dish from your favourite restaurant but do not have the time or energy to visit the restaurant, you can try the following food delivery platforms to get the food at your place:

1. Bhoj

Bhoj is one of the popular online food delivery applications where you can easily place your order for your desired dish from your favourite restaurant. As an alternative to the mobile app, you can also give a call to the company between 10 am and 9 pm.

You can also select the restaurant on the basis of distance, cuisine or popularity. Likewise, there is no minimum order limit. But, if you order dishes that cost less than Rs 1,000, it will charge Rs 50 for delivery, else they deliver for free. Bhoj also offers exciting deals (free lunch or discount) on many meals.

2. Foodmandu

Foodmandu is a pioneer in food delivery service in Nepal. Foodies in the Kathmandu valley and Pokhara can order their food from over 170 popular restaurants online through its website or app or Facebook or Instagram pages or simply over the phone. Foodmandu delivers from 11 am to 8:30 pm.

The delivery charge is basically calculated on the basis of the food cost (before taxes and service charges) and the distance between the selected restaurant and your location. The minimum order depends on the restaurant’s minimum order amount.

3. Foodmario

Foodmario delivers the food made by home-based cooks to the customers in the Kathmandu valley. You can order home-cooked dishes from any of over 100 ‘home chefs’. There is not any fixed service timing: one can place their order food at any time if the dish is available for purchase on the app.

Basically, Foodmario outsources the delivery service. The delivery charge depends on the cost of the food ordered and your location ranging from 0  to Rs 490.

4. Pathao Food

The ride-sharing app Pathao has extended its service area and launched Pathao Food, a food delivery service. Pathao Food is connected to more than 1,000 restaurants offering a variety of cuisines on board. There is no specific minimum order.

It also has discount and combo offers. You can place your order from 9 am to 9 pm. And, you are charged Rs 100 for delivery inside the Kathmandu valley.

5. Bhok Lagyo

Bhok Lagyo quenches your midnight hunger by delivering food at your doorsteps. You can choose your food from its diverse menu that includes momo, pizza, fried rice, curries, and many more. Similarly, you can place your order from its website or social media pages or phone calls. Its service time is from 4 pm to 4 am.

Orders can be placed from outside or inside the Ring Road area. And, the minimum order should be worth Rs 500. The delivery charge is calculated on the basis of distance (Rs 15 foe each km). 

6. Mero Lunch

Mero Lunch is another online food delivery service that delivers food from its own kitchen to the customers inside the Ring Road area. You can place your order from its website or social media pages or over phone calls as well. It takes orders from 8  am to 10 pm.

It menu includes momo, biryani, fried rice, Nepali khana set, pizza, spring rolls, and many more.

The company does not charge extra for delivery for now and does not have any minimum order limit. It also takes orders for events.

7. Door To Door Tiffin

Door to Door Tiffin is another online food delivery service that delivers homemade food for the office, bank, and home during lunchtime. You can choose the dish that is on its menu and order online from its Facebook page or by making a call.

Its menu incorporates tikki chaat, malpuwa, dum aloo, momo, chowmein, curry, khana set, and a lot more.

8. Bhokmandu

Bhokmandu delivers dishes from its menu to the foodies within Ring Road. Dishes like varieties of pasta, chicken chilly, fries, momo, pizza, rice, noodles, brownies, and others are on its menu. You can just get your food by placing an order on its website or over the phone. It serves from 12  pm to 2  am.

The minimum order must be Rs 500. And, it charges Rs 100 for delivering the food.

9. Ek Baje 

It is another online food delivery platform that gets your food delivered at your location without any delivery charges. It has bhukke roti, momo, chowmein, curries, aloo dum, and other items on its menu. 

It serves from 10 am to 6 pm. And, the minimum order must be Rs 500. You can order over phone calls and through its Facebook page.

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