Embassy official says US didn’t force Nepal to support Indo-Pacific ‘Policy’

Kathmandu, September 17

US Embassy’s Political and Economic Department chief Clinton Brown has said that the US has not forced Nepal to be a part of the policy.

Speaking at a programme in Kathmandu, Brown also stated that the Indo-Pacific Policy was not against China. He clarified it was a policy and not a strategy as it is called in Nepal.

“We are all for a free and independent Asia-Pacific. That is our policy. We haven’t made anyone sign to be a part of this policy,” he added.

He added that a free and independent Asia-Pacific would also benefit China as it would help in economic development.

“This policy isn’t anti-China. It isn’t against any country. This policy is for all. I ask people not to take it as an anti-China policy,” added Brown.

He also reiterated that the US had been unselfishly helping Nepal for the past seven decades.

“Nepal should now start questioning anyone who comes to Nepal and says it will do something for free. This includes for the US too.  I’m proud to say that the US has been helping Nepal in the education and health sector along with infrastructure. We have no selfishness. Our only wish is Nepal become pro-Nepal, that’s it.”

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