Nepali town turns to the past for solutions to current water crisis

Experts hope that reviving an ancient water system of canals, ponds and rainwater harvesting can help Bhaktapur resolve its water shortages and better cope with floods in the crowded Kathmandu valley On a Saturday afternoon in Bhaktapur, once one of the three historical kingdoms of the Kathmandu Valley, Sita Laxmi Kilambu and her neighbours are […]

Newari architecture in Kathmandu: ‘Old and weak’ buildings are also part of heritage

Newars, who reportedly came to Kathmandu Valley in the thirteenth century, are considered the ‘original inhabitants’ of the capital city. Kathmandu’s cultural identity mostly constitutes various dimensions of Newari tradition. What stands out among these aspects of their culture is architecture. Until a few decades, most houses in core city areas of Kathmandu Valley had […]