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Bulbul movie review: Ordinariness is the power of this psychological drama

Though its producers and distributors describe Bulbul as a social drama, it essentially is a psychological affair in a realistic setting–something rarely seen in the Nepali cinema industry. The movie communicates complex issues of human psychology through a plain life-like story told straightforward. Though the story’s end is a bit ambiguous, the movie, overall, is beautiful […]

Summer Love movie review: Presentation flaws block crazy love story’s vigour

When Subin Bhattarai’s debut novel Summer Love rose to unexpected popularity in the Kathmandu market in 2013, it received a mixed response. Whereas some people appreciated the book as a ‘bestseller’ and ‘trendsetter’, many others accused the novel of introducing a pulp fiction culture in Nepal. Now, the crazy love story is back again, on […]

Ranveer movie review: Interesting but exaggerated blend of love and conflict

An ‘action movie’ tag, an extravagant trailer that attracted 1000s of clicks every day, two debutant heroines and a Bollywood-style title—this week’s release ‘Ranveer’ has many things to make Nepali cinema fans go to the theatres. As they sit inside the cosy theatre for two-and-a-half hours (including the interval), they find the movie worth the […]

Garud Puran movie review: Dirty and knotty story in deceiving title

Garud Puran, for Hindus of Nepal, is the scripture that helps departed souls go to heaven safely and inspires the living to follow the right path. But, the movie Garud Puran released this week has nothing to do with heaven or hell. The title is apparently deceiving as there are not sufficient grounds to give […]

Chauka Dau movie review: Cheap comic pastime

Santosh Pant is back on the screen; perhaps this is the most exciting news associated with the release of Chauka Dau. Besides this, there’s nothing new in the movie. Its usefulness is restricted to just adding one more production to the already overcrowded new film list. ‘Cheap’ comedy Though the movie is filled with fun, […]

Jay Shree Daam movie review: Impressive acting fails to cover plot full of holes

Regular moviegoers, except those who have been minutely keeping an eye on minor characters, would not recognise the lead actors of this week’s release, Jay Shree Daam. Yet, their acting will not disappoint you. It is the overdramatic plot, with its unnecessarily twists, that makes the movie look like an impoverished labyrinth. Hence, you come […]