Federalism is not a foreign import to Nepal: Baburam Bhattarai

Baburam Bhattarai is the coordinator of the newly-formed party, Naya Shakti Nepal. The former Maoist leader set up the party after severing ties with the party that ran a violet insurgency campaign against the state for a decade. Onlinekhabar recently caught up with Bhattarai to talk about the government’s proposal to amend the constitution, and […]

KIMFF 2016: This filmmaker found lead character, assistant and her inspiration in one Jumla girl

Miranda Morton Yap has worked as a facilitator, coordinator, producer and organiser in the creative arts for over a decade. She has worked for multiple projects ranging from commercials, short films, stage productions, to booking bands on tours and producing fundraising charity events. Her new film Daughters of the Curved Moon has been selected for […]