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Really, just how many bakeries are there in Kathmandu?

I really wanted to find out exactly how many bakeries there are in Kathmandu for you, but that’s kinda like asking how many grains of sand are on the beach, no? I’m sure the Bureau of Labour and Statistics might know– do we even have one of those? But I doubt anyone’s number would be […]

The Age of AI, and what that means for Nepalis

There has been a lot of talk in the ‘west’ about the Age of AI. In the not-too-distant-future, cars will drive themselves and brick and mortar stores will disappear as everyone starts shopping from home using a smart speaker named Alexa or Cortana or some other non-descript approximation of a human being. In all examples […]

Call me crazy, but I love cows

So much has already been written and so many photographs taken related to our national treasure–the wandering street cow– that I’m hesitant to add more to the literature. But last night, I was driving home along a major thoroughfare in Lalitpur, and I almost hit a huge black bull fast asleep in my lane. Holy […]

Dhobighat reveals our relationship with water

For the past decade, I’ve lived in the small village-within-a-city that you may know as Dhobighat. To be more precise, the dhunge dhara area of Lalitpur. While outsiders may know little about it, my neighbourhood includes two main dharas (where a whole lotta clothes-washing goes on), strung together by a mixed-use community of small shops, […]

The disappearing Nepali cold store … or is it?

I can’t say exactly why the Nepali cold store is so fascinating to me– even though my Nepali wife could care less, as long as she can get fresh tarkari. But I love my cold store, and I have a close relationship with the owner, her relatives and the four-year-old tiny bahini who tugs at […]

Understanding American Culture through TV Serials

  Most all of my Nepali colleagues, friends and family use me as a Wikipedia on western culture, especially when the internet is down, or we are all out for drinks. I don’t mind this at all, as I love prattling on about my own country of birth – America – which I have not […]

8th Annual Poker Run: Tribute to one of Nepal’s roughest visionary riders

Any Nepali two-wheeler enthusiast will recognise the internationally-attended annual event known as the Enfield Rendezvous & Poker Run. In its 8th year now, Poker Run has grown from an event attended by a dozen or so local Enfield riders to hundreds of riders from around the globe, all celebrating the Nepali New Year together, and […]

Here’s why Nepal is the best place to retire for Americans

It is estimated that 3.3 million baby boomers will retire abroad in the near coming years. For years, annual surveys published in The New York Times and other mainstream media outlets show that countries such as Mexico, Uruguay, Panama, Thailand and the Philippines are the best retirement destinations in the world. The pros and cons of […]

How to Survive your 20s: Advice to the Young Millennials from an American Baby Boomer

Normally, I am not the one to give advice to those younger than myself outside of the classroom, but my editor suggested that I give that a go after reading this column in the Guardian, which recognises the fact that life during your late 20’s is hell, but for most, life gets better as you get older. […]

Thamel: In the Garden of Unfulfilled Dreams

The other day I strapped a lead on my 40 kg Alsatian named Krypto, decided to take a trip down memory lane, and go white-man-walking-the-dog in Thamel. He had never been there before in all his nine years, and I hadn’t visited it in over a decade, even though I live just a few kilometers […]

Have you been to the ‘expat zoo’ in Kathmandu?

During my last visit to America, I visited old friends at the Boulder County Farmers’ Market in Colorado where I wound up drinking way too much organic apple wine, and then purchased a rose-quartz healing crystal, advertised to help me find nirvana, as well as to heal hangovers – which I desperately needed just a few […]

Who is an expat? Who is a migrant worker?

As an American writing in Nepali journals, I am always surprised that I receive the brunt of the popular resistance against expat advice whenever I write anything at all. The common questions most of the readers seem to have is if expats have anything to say worth listening to. Let’s start with a simple fact […]

I drive in Kathmandu and I have something to say to all of you

After last week’s love fest with Kathmandu, I am back to grumbling. Specifically, I’m grumpy about driving in the Doo, which I recently started to do after an almost 20 year hiatus of car ownership. That’s not to say that I am unfamiliar with the ignored-rules of the road here in Nepal, as I have […]

Five Reasons Why One American Says: ‘I ♥ KTM’

Hot off the heels of the last Valentine’s Day weekend, I had the chance to reflect on those that I love here in our fair city, as well as on the things that I love the most about this place. So inspired by V-Day, all the negatives of living in Kathmandu of late were overcome […]

Going retro or going forward?

It has been brought to my attention that there may be a mobile movement to go back in time to a simpler era, when phones were just phones, and you didn’t need a handful of apps to use what you had in your pocket. I speak specifically of new and planned phones, such as the […]

The ‘Mars option’ for solving Nepal’s current problems

A few years back, while working with, I foolishly advocated for a campaign called “Nepali Monkeys on Mars,” which would have taken Swayambhunath’s rhesus monkey population and transplanted them all onto Martian territory, in an attempt to save them from an export to America that was taking place at the time. You may not […]

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  • Sam says: | January 05 2019 12:29am

    Loved your article on why Nepal is best place to retire for Americans. I am a naturalized Nepalese American and reading through your article has inspired me to come back to my homeland even more.


  • jigs gaton says: | February 11 2016 5:03pm

    Thx Prateem for your kind review. I was still thinking about it, until I found out that Martian winters are colder than ours, even if we had gas to fill our heaters – it gets down to about -72c!


  • Prateem Shrestha says: | February 06 2016 6:14am

    Hilarious, but seriously something to think about….!!
    Sarcasm at it’s best


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