Wildlife officials of Nepal, India meet for idea sharing

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Chitwan, March 2

A coordination meeting between wildlife officials from Nepal and India was concluded recently.

The participants shared views on measures for management in wildlife movement, containment of human-wildlife conflict, curbing of poaching and enhancement of mutual cooperation in the related field were discussed during the meeting, according to the Chitwan National Park Chief Conservation Officer Haribhakta Acharya who led the Nepali delegation in the meeting.

Besides, the meeting stressed the need for immediate dialogue among the officials concerned of both countries in case of the emergence of any issue on the border areas in regard to the conservation of forest and wildlife so as to find a prompt solution.

The inter-border level regular meeting among the wildlife officials from the neighbours would be organised up to three times in a year in the past. For the past two years, they were meeting virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But, after two times, they met physically this time.

The meeting was organised at India’s Valmiki Tiger Reserve. The meeting was co-hosted by the Chitwan National Park and the reserve.

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