Startup entrepreneurs and enthusiasts now can apply for Nava Udhyamshala III

A session from Nava Udhyamshala I

Kathmandu, April 9

Antarprerana, a private company that supports entrepreneurs of Nepal through investment and mentorship, has called applications from startup companies and people wishing to develop entrepreneurship, for its new month-long programme, Nava Udhyamshala III.

“Nava Udhyamshala is an intensive course on how to transform an idea into an actual business. It is a platform where the aspiring entrepreneurs are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to start a business based on the ideas each individual has,” the company says, “This course is a flagship programme of Antarperana under the initiative of #WorkInNepal.”

The third edition of the programme will begin on April 23 and the workshops will be held every day (Monday to Friday) for two hours a day.

“The participants of this batch will get 20 days, two-hour group sessions with our amazing mentors, 2 MVP Premieres in various locations, opportunity to find co-founders, team members or investors through networking and one-on-one mentorship sessions with industry experts.”

Interested ones can submit their applications online by April 19.

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