2 rhino calves found dead: Chitwan National Park claims natural death

Sketch for representation only: A dead rhinoceros rhino calves
Sketch for representation only: A dead rhinoceros

Chitwan, May 11

Two rhino calves have been found dead in different sectors of the Chitwan National Park, the biggest natural habitat of one-horned rhinoceros in Nepal.

A female calf, approximately four months old, was found dead in the Tamor Tal Kasara sector of the park on Tuesday, informs the park.

On Wednesday, a male calf estimated to be 2.5 years old was found dead in the Saraha sector.

The park says both are cases of natural death as their horns and hooves are not stolen.

With the deaths of these rhino calves, the number of rhinoceros dying in the Chitwan National Park and its buffer zones in this fiscal year that began in mid-July 2022 has reached 18. Of them, at least three are poached.

According to the 2021 census, there are 752 rhinos in all over Nepal with 694 in Chitwan alone.

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