Photos that teleport to greener, cleaner Kathmandu

Swiss Geologist Tony Hagen was one of the first westerners to come to Nepal, which was closed to outsiders till 1950s. He traversed 14,000 km on foot, clicking scenic photos during his journey in Nepal. These photos take people back to good old times, when Nepal was an uncharted tourist destination. Hagen’s photos were on display at Nepal Tourism Board recently. Here’s our pick of the photos.




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Bouddhanath has now become one of the most popular places in Kathmandu for tourists. But when Hagen was in Kathmandu, tourists were no where to be seen. All that was there was agriculture land, and people tilling it.


The Bagmati


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The Bagmati river holds a special place in the hearts of the Valley denizens. A campaign to clean up the river is now on, and the hope is to get back what Hagen saw during his time.




Of all the places the Hagen captured in his camera, Tundhikhel looks the most similar to what it is today. But we don’t see flocks like these, do we?



 Siddha Pokhari

Siddha Pokhari

This pond in Bhaktapur is now surrounded by a concrete jungle. Although people still go there to spend time, it will never be the same.



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This historical city now has more concrete roofs than tin ones. But the way the city is built remains the same. If you go to the same place from where Hagen took this photo, you will see that although much has changed, much remains the same.

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