You just started photography: Here are 10 beginner subjects to experiment with and master the skill

forms of photography Street Photography_ Photo Pexels Aleksandar Pasaric
Photo: Pexels/ Aleksandar Pasaric

Do you like photography but are unsure where to begin? Feeling a bit overwhelmed or left behind? Fear not, because today we are here to provide you with a guide that will help jumpstart your journey.

The key to photography is practice and to do so, you will need subjects to capture. We have curated a list of 10 subjects that are perfect for experimenting with and improving your photography skills. These subjects offer a wide range of settings, compositions and lighting conditions, so you can learn the basics of photography while also exploring your creativity.

From capturing the grandeur of landscapes to the intricate details of everyday objects, each subject offers a unique learning experience. So grab your camera, head outdoors, and embark on this exciting photographic adventure!

10 beginner subjects for photography


The very first and one you can easily capture are everyday landscapes. Landscapes can be any like roads, hills, flat grounds, mountains, etc. You do not need to play much with light and exposure while taking pictures of landscapes.

Engaging in landscape photography primarily helps in mastering framing techniques and achieving steady shots. Additionally, it enhances proficiency in subject focus and manipulation of lighting.

form of photography landscape photography_ Photo Pexels Taryn Elliott
Representational image. Photo: Pexels/ Taryn Elliott


Patterns can be found in everyday objects or scenes. Capturing them you can experiment with different perspectives and lighting to bring out the visual appeal of patterns.

Patterns can be found in architecture, nature, fabrics, or even the arrangement of objects on a table. Suppose a window can be a great example of pattern photography since they come in all sizes, shapes and colours.

Pattern photography_ Photo: Pexels/Timo HiIIemeyer
Photo: Pexels/Timo HiIIemeyer


The shapes, curves, and textures of buildings make for visually appealing pictures. Try experimenting with the angles and lighting to create unique compositions.

Whether you are capturing huge skyscrapers or ancient structures, architecture photography helps you develop your eye for detail and arrangement.

Architecture photography. Photo: Pexels/Nestor Pasamontes
Photo: Pexels/Nestor Pasamontes

Books and stationery

Arrange and take pictures of stationery, including books, pens, papers, and other stuff. Use composition and angles to your advantage to highlight the patterns, textures, and hidden elegance of these everyday objects.

Many people love this style for its aesthetic vibe and beauty. You can go to libraries or bookstores to start with and hone your skills.

Photo: Nasana Bajracharya

Water bodies

Lakes, rivers, and even post-rain puddles provide excellent photographic opportunities. Play with ripples, experiment with reflections, and record the interaction of light on the water’s surface.

Water may produce beautiful, abstract visuals. You can further improve them by learning about exposure control and delivering some award-winning photos.

 River photography. Photo: Pexels/Ian Turnell
Photo: Pexels/Ian Turnell

Sunrises and sunsets

Sunrises and sunsets provide opportunities to grasp fundamental concepts like adjusting camera settings for different lighting conditions, understanding exposure control, experimenting with composition, and honing post-processing skills to enhance colours.

These magical moments encourage creativity by exploring diverse angles and viewpoints making you improve your photography skills. Sunrise and sunset photography serve as a practical and visually captivating learning experience for beginners, covering key aspects of photography.

Sailung, Dolakha
Photo: Aryan Dhimala

Musical Instruments:

Musical instruments might look like a hard subject but simple instruments like guitar, piano and flute can be great subjects to photograph. For instance, you can experiment with different angles of a guitar from the top of the strings or like the side profile making great cover photos for albums.

Since each instrument is different like the music they deliver, photos of these instruments can be a great way to improve still photography.

person playing guitar hobbies for all ages
Representational image. Photo: Pexels


Pets can be excellent moving subjects for photography. You can experiment with capturing their playful or serene moments, focusing on their expressions and interactions with the environment.

Pets like dogs and cats are common in houses. For example, you can shoot the pets when they are sleeping, while playing with their toys or while eating. These serene moments can also be a good memory while improving your skills.

Dog representational image. Photo: Pexels/ Johann
Photo: Pexels/ Johann

Flowers and plants

Concentrate on taking pictures of flowers, vegetation, or potted plants. Try different lighting setups, compositions, and angles to highlight the textures and natural beauty of it.

Since the texture and colours of flowers and plants are different, the styles can also vary and improve accordingly. You can choose macro photography, still photography and abstract photography.

Flowers representations image. Photo: Pexels/Kristina Paukshtite
Photo: Pexels/Kristina Paukshtite


People might be the most difficult out of the above lists. Since you meet someone new every day you can improve more on a more vast level with portraits and other styles.

People representational image. Photo: Pexels/Jean Alves
Photo: Pexels/Jean Alves

People make excellent subjects for photography because you can play with various poses, lighting effects, and styles to make them suitable for various situations and themes. Taking pictures of individuals also enables you to document other societies and cultures, giving you insights into various lifestyles. For photographers, it provides difficulties like dealing with diverse lighting situations and recording swift-moving events, providing priceless learning opportunities.

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