Pankaj Chaudhary arrested for crime against dowry

Pankaj Chaudhary
Pankaj Chaudhary

Janakpurdham, December 14

Pankaj Chaudhary, 35-year-old of Ramgopalpur Municipality of Mahottari, was arrested on charges of crime against dowry, on Tuesday evening.

DSP Santosh Pokharel informed that he was arrested based on the complaint by his wife, Neha Chaudhary where she stated that she was beaten and tortured for not bringing enough dowry after the wedding.

Neha had filed a complaint at District Police Office, Mahottari on October 21 accusing Pankaj of domestic violence after which Pankaj had been detained.

District Police Office Mahottari has informed that Pankaj is now being investigated for the crime against dowry.

The two had gotten married after three years of being in a relationship. Neha says her family spent over Rs 12 million on the wedding.

After four months of marriage, quarrels started between Pankaj and Neha. Neha has accused Pankaj of beating and torturing her to ask her family to buy a house in Kathmandu as an additional dowry.

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