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Ranjan Koirala sentence: Question about Nepal’s judiciary and opportunity to correct mistake

The Supreme Court’s recent controversial verdict on the ┬áRanjan Koirala v. Government of Nepal case not only raises questions over the competence of the Chief Justice or the justices involved but also the entire judicial system has come under question. However, with another bench of the court deciding to rehear it in response to a […]

(Updated) Supreme Court to hear govt appeal for revising Ranjan Koirala sentence shortening

Kathmandu, July 26 A three-member ‘full’ bench in the Supreme Court has decided to forward an appeal registered by the government seeking a revision to the verdict that commuted a 20-year jail sentence of former Armed Police Force officer Ranjan Koirala to eight-and-a-half years to further hearing. A bench of justices Bam Kumar Shrestha, Prakash […]

Ranjan Koirala case: Govt appealing to court to revise release decision

Kathmandu, July 23 Dissatisfied with the Supreme Court verdict to cut short the jail sentence handed down to former Armed Police Force DIG Ranjan Koirala, the Office of the Attorney General is preparing to file an appeal at the Supreme Court demanding a revision to the decision. However, Koirala, convicted of murdering his wife, has […]

How much do you need to pay to get embossed number plate for your car, bike in Bagmati?

Kathmandu, July 19 The Department of Transport Management has resumed distributing embossed number plates for four-wheelers, three-wheelers, and two-wheelers, initially in the Bagmati province. The distribution was halted in February 2018 owing to an interim order of the Supreme Court. The court had vacated its previous order last year, but the distribution had not restarted […]

122,419 cases are awaiting verdict at Nepali courts

Kathmandu, July 17 The Supreme Court informs that as many as 122,419 cases are awaiting verdict at different courts of the country as of this Wednesday, July 15. The court’s Chief Registrar Nripa Dhwoj Niroula shared the information during a press meet organised to make public the performance of the country’s judiciary in the past […]

Final verdict on 2015 Nepal football match-fixing: Apex court acquits all

Kathmandu, June 16 The Supreme Court on Tuesday has acquitted six footballers who had been accused of match-fixing in Nepal’s international games. Those receiving the acquittal include the then captain of the national team, Sagar Thapa; his deputy Sandeep Rai; footballers Ritesh Thapa, and Bikas Singh Chhetri; and ex-footballers Anjan KC and David Thapa. A […]