NEPSE: Turnover goes up as index up by 9.44 points


Kathmandu, February 6

On Tuesday, NEPSE saw an increase of 9.44 points, closing the day at 2,085.79. This uptick in the NEPSE index was accompanied by an improvement in the turnover amount.

Trading amounted to Rs 2.43 billion on Monday, which increased to Rs 2.59 billion on Tuesday. Among the listed companies, the values of 181 increased, while 57 decreased, with 9 remaining stable. Notably, the Manufacturing and Non-life insurance groups experienced the most significant rise, increasing by 1 per cent.

On Tuesday, various sectors of the NEPSE index showed increases, with Banking up by 2 points, Development Bank by 34, Finance by 5, Hotel and Tourism by 40, Hydropower by 20, Life Insurance by 79, Manufacturing by 62, Microfinance by 30, and Non-life insurance by a notable 114 points. However, the Trading decreased by 15 points.

Samaj Microfinance saw a significant increase of 10 per cent in its value. Similarly, Gurans Microfinance rose by 9.4 per cent, United Ajod by 7.4 per cent, Dordikhola by 6.9 per cent, Union Hydropower by 5.7 per cent, Karnali Bikas Bank by 5.6 per cent, and Trishuli Hydropower by 4.9 per cent.

On the other hand, Samling Power witnessed a decrease of 10 per cent in its price. Nepal Telecom which saw a 10 per cent increase yesterday saw a 5 per cent downfall today.

Midsolu Hydropower experienced a 2 per cent decline in its price.

Based on transaction amounts, Himalayan Reinsurance, Mountain Energy, Nepal Reinsurance Company, Nepal Telecom, and Hathaway Investment Company led the way, respectively.

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