5 Nepali short films to watch on YouTube

nepali short films
Photo by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash

In recent times, Nepali short films have been flourishing, gaining not only local releases but also making a mark on the global stage by participating in and winning awards at various film festivals. Additionally, to foster the continued growth of short films, Nepali film festivals are being organised regularly each year.

The overall development of Nepali short films is promising, evident not only in their presence at festivals but also in their popularity on platforms like YouTube. Several high-quality Nepali short movies are readily accessible on YouTube, showcasing the talent and creativity of filmmakers in the country.

Among them, Onlinekhabar has handpicked five Nepali short movies that you should not miss to watch. 


Screengrab from Doll-E
Screengrab from Doll-E

The Nepali film sector suffers from a dearth of horror, whether in the form of short films or full-length features. Not even a handful of Nepali horror films have managed to entertain and captivate audiences remarkably.

In such a situation, DOLL-E, directed by Ganesh GD, can be considered a commendable effort in contributing to the horror genre within the Nepali film industry. The film also indicates that Nepali filmmakers have the potential to produce noteworthy horror films. 

Naami The Crisis Queen

Naami The Crisis Queen
Photo: Screengrab from Naami The Crisis Queen

Written by Lieutenant Chetan Gurung, Naami The Crisis Queen is a story that revolves around youths leaving their homes with dreams of a better future but finding themselves entangled in criminal activities, leading to the destruction of their lives. 

The movie provides a realistic portrayal of how individuals can succumb to drug addiction, resulting in the deterioration of their well-being and family relationships. The narrative of Naami, played by  Gaumaya Gurung and Shilpee, played by Heena Nagarkoti, serves as a representation of such characters, illustrating the detrimental impact of drug involvement on both personal health and family dynamics.


Photo: Screengrab from Nanija
Photo: Screengrab from Nanija

Nanija, a short film directed by Sujata Basyal portrays the story of Mithu, a third grader, who is always conscious about her looks. Mithu has burn scars on her face. 

Due to those scars, she has to go through a lot of problems that would never have crossed a child’s mind. At school, she becomes a target for bullying. While her classmates play, she is left alone, observing them from a distance. Beyond Mithu’s narrative, the film also depicts the potential for betrayal from those closest to us. It emphasises the need to tackle every issue with utmost patience. Why?

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photo: Screengrab from Babu
photo: Screengrab from Babu

As a growing number of young individuals depart the country, rural villages are experiencing a significant departure, leaving only the elderly behind. In the initial five months of the current fiscal year, almost 300,000 people have migrated for foreign employment. People leaving Nepal on the eve of or during the festive season shows how desperate people are in today’s time.

The short movie Babu, directed by Eelum Mani Dixit, has tried to shed light on this issue. Overall, this 26-minute-long film Babu is worth watching. It unfolds as a heartwarming family movie, offering relatable moments with Babu and his family members throughout the narrative. 

About a Girl 

Photo: Screengrab from about a girl 
Nepali Short films
Photo: Screengrab from about a girl

Most often during office hours, it is very challenging to travel in a public vehicle in Kathmandu due to the overcrowding. More than half of the passengers did not have a seat; they had to stand in a congested area. In such a case, many individuals have to experience a bad touch from strangers, some of them are even sexually harassed. 

About a Girl, directed by Manish Niraula, revolves around such a story.  The protagonist of the movie Neha, acted by Nisha Karki, does not speak a single word in an entire, but her expression tells what she has been going through. 

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