Nearly 300,000 leave for foreign employment in the current fiscal year

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Kathmandu, December 20

The number of Nepalis leaving for foreign employment after the festive season has increased rapidly.

According to the Department of Foreign Employment, the month of Mangsir (November 17 to December 16) recorded the highest number of Nepalis departing for foreign countries with new and renewed labour permits in the fiscal year 2023/24. The total reached 71,276, surpassing the figures for the same month in the previous fiscal year which was 68,564.

In Ashwin (September 18 to October 17), a total of 56,235 Nepalis left for foreign employment, followed by an additional 43,622 individuals leaving in Kartik (October 18 to November 16). Notably, these two months are considered the primary festival season.

In the initial five months of the current fiscal year, close to 300,000 Nepalis have left for foreign employment through legal channels. Data reveals that from July to November, 277,592 Nepalis obtained renewed or obtained new work permits.

However, in comparison to the corresponding period last year, there has been a decrease in the number of individuals seeking employment abroad. Last year, within the same five-month timeframe, 339,082 Nepalis left in pursuit of work.

MonthFiscal year 2022/23Fiscal year 2023/24
July 17 – August 1763,03955,575
August 18 – September1776,40350,884
September 18 – October 1762,70656,235
October 18 – November 1678,37043,662
November 17 – December 1668,56471,276

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