My statement on Venezuela doesn’t count as party has already spoken: Dahal

Pushpa Kamal Dahal

Kathmandu, February 7

Ruling Nepal Communist Party Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has claimed his controversial statement about the political crisis in Venezuela does not count now as the party’s secretariat meeting has already clarified the party’s official position over the issue.

Dahal’s recent statement follows Prime Minister and his party’s another chairman KP Sharma Oli’s view that Dahal committed a mistake in issuing the statement about the crisis in haste last month.

Speaking with journalists in his home district of Chitwan on Thursday, the former prime minister said, “I don’t know in what context the Prime Minister said so. But, the secretariat meeting, also attended by the Prime Minister, has issued a statement in the same spirit.”

“Now, it does not matter what an individual say.”

He also claimed that the statement of Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs also carried the same spirit.

Published on February 7th, Thursday, 2019 2:03 PM

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  • George Bijay says: | February 08 2019 12:57pm

    It does not change anything what Nepal says. But it can hurt Nepal a lot, if the statement is made improperly. There is so called diplomatic way of releasing country’s message, which will not cause damage to the existing relation with other countries. Dahal should learn the diplomatic language, if he is to release message in the future.


  • Kiran says: | February 08 2019 12:30am

    Prachanda emerged as a national political leader fighting wars, taking lives of thousands of innocents. He has a very limited experience on how the world political spectrum should be viewed and reacted as a leader. All he sees is the same war he fought – so called the war of liberation.
    The people of Venezuela has been suffering from the tyranny socialist dictators for years (first Hugo Cavez now Maduro). The country is very rich in natural resources (including oil and gas) but the people are so poor, they are starving to death and without medicines. People of Venezuela is reaching out to the international community including to United States for their liberation from this tyranny government. When most democratic countries including United States and European countries have stepped up to help the Venezuelan people and recognized the opposition leader as an interim President, Nepal has moved to opposite direction. The press statement released by Prachanda shows, he has a very limited knowledge about Venezuela and its crises. He should have refrained from releasing such statements, which is not only against the peace loving people, but also puts Nepal on an edge. This is very sad, we have such leaders running the country.


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