2 sentenced to prison for money laundering by Special Court

Special Court - money laundering
Special Court

Kathmandu, January 1

The Special Court has sentenced Pramod Kumar Jaiswal to eight years in prison and imposed a fine of Rs 830 million on charges of money laundering.

The bench comprising Tek Narayan Kunwar, Ram Bahadur Thapa, and Murari Babu Shrestha delivered the verdict on Monday, confirming Jaiswal’s guilt as determined on December 20, 2023.

Dhan Bahadur Karki, the spokesperson, informed that Pappu Thakur, implicated in the same incident, has been sentenced to five years in prison and fined Rs 74 million.

The case originated on April 14, 2022, when the Department of Money Laundering Investigation filed charges against five individuals, including two employees of a commercial bank, for money laundering related to a fake transaction involving the purchase of potatoes and onions.

Among those charged were Bibha Chaudhary and Jeevan Babu Subedi, employees of Nepal SBI Bank, accused of money laundering. The case also implicated Indian citizens Pramod Kumar Jaiswal, Pappu Thakur, and Shree Lal Rauniyar. Ten bank employees were under investigation, and departmental action was taken against them.

The Special Court acquitted all except Jaiswal and Thakur.

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