Indra Sarovar: The lake is ‘artificial’, but its beauty is natural


As you move past Chitlang, passing through the road that leads all the way to Bhimfedi, you will reach Indra Sarovar, a massive lake that seems to cover an area of an entire village.

But the lake is not natural. It is actually a man-made reservoir meant to generate hydroelectricity.


The resulting beauty the surroundings exude, though, is comparable to the lakes, which form naturally. The unique location of the lake — it dips rolling hills into its water and then stretches in different directions — instead looks almost surreal, especially for an object that was created for pure utility.

For years, the lake and the power generating plants nearby (installed capacity 92 MW) have been steadily producing electricity.

At around 50 km from Kathmandu’s city centre, the reservoir can be reached via paved roads. Over the years, due to its ease of accessibility, the area surrounding the reservoir has seen a growth in the number of lodges and restaurants.

Apart from its function as a reservoir for generating electricity, Indra Sarovar has not only helped bring tourists to the area and given the local economy a boost. It also offers a different utility that again benefits the villagers of the area.

With the support of the government, enterprising villagers have started using the reservoir as a commercial breeding farm for fish which has steadily found a market over the years.

While there, you can also venture out to surrounding villages. A visit to the sheep breeding centre in Markhu, near the reservoir, can also be planned.

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