8-year-old rape case survivor files human trafficking complaint against Manoj Pandey

File: Manoj Pandey
File: Manoj Pandey

Kathmandu, May 23

A woman who had exposed her story of surviving rape eight years ago has filed a human trafficking complaint with the police against the alleged perpetrator, Manoj Pandey.

Police have already arrested Pandey as the survivor’s video sparked furore across the country, forcing Nepal Police to commission a high-level team to look into the case.

Two days after the arrest, the survivor went to the police and filed the complaint, informs SSP Sudeep Giri, the Kathmandu police chief.

Apparently, she chose to accuse him of human trafficking and not rape as the existing rape law has a one-year statute of limitation to file a complaint about rape cases.

Police say another survivor has also filed a complaint against Manoj Pandey, accusing him of an offence under the Act Relating to Children.

Meanwhile, police presented Pandey at the Kathmandu District Court today seeking a remand. The court allowed the police to keep him in custody for five days for further investigation.

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