Nepal police mobile app useful in crime investigation


Kathmandu, April 11

The ‘Nepal Police Mobile Application’, operated by the Nepal Police for making citizen service and crime investigation effective by internalising innovative development in the technology sector, has gained momentum.

With easy access to smartphones and other mobile devices, the use of mobile apps is also increasing. The ‘Nepal Police Mobile App’, which has been used to collect and disseminate information and messages, has enabled the general public to use the facility to provide information with location to the police whenever they became victims or eyewitnesses to an incident.

Nepal Police Spokesperson, Deputy Inspector General Bhim Prasad Dhakal said it has helped the police to reach the spot and perform effectively.

He said the mobile app has helped in crime investigation by getting authentic information like ‘audio’, photos and video. Using this app, the general public can transmit photos, videos, audio and text based on the Global Positioning System (GPS).

He shared, “The app has been launched on a trial basis to institutionalise the work of Nepal Police as a technology-friendly service. At present, arrangements have been made to mobilise the police from the nearest police office immediately based on complaints and information received through the police app in all 77 districts. The app is useful for the speedy dissemination of criminal activities, other incidents and accidents and information in the community, to control criminals immediately and to maintain law and order.

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