Here’s how you can apply for ordinary Nepali passport

Either for higher studies or for employment or just for vacation, many Nepalis travel abroad. A passport is a fundamental requirement for any international travel as you may be asked to show it anytime anywhere abroad.

Many people think applying for a passport in Nepal is complex. However, most of the hassles can be solved if you know the right procedure. Here, we bring you details about all procedures required to apply for an ordinary Nepali passport.


Normal procedure

  1. First of all, download the MRP (machine-readable passport) application form from the website of the Department of Passport.
  2. Then, open the application form using Adobe Acrobat programme on your computer. You cannot fill the form using browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera Browser, Mozilla Firefox, and others. If Adobe Acrobat is not installed, kindly download and install it to open the MRP application form.
  3. Now, fill your form thoroughly.
  4. After filling up the form, you have to print it, on an A4 sheet. Make sure that you select ‘None’ for page scaling while printing.
  5. Submit the printed copy to the District Administration Office, also known as the CDO Office. You also have to pay Rs 5,000 while applying. Make sure that you are present in-person to apply.
  6. You will get your passport from their respective DAO within 15 to 45 days of applying depending on the distance between the Department of Passports and your district.


Fast-track procedure

If you are in a hurry and do not want to wait for 15 to 45 days, you can also apply through fast-track service. Here are the major steps in the procedure.

  1. Download, open, fill the MRP application form properly and print it as mentioned in the procedure for the normal service.
  2. In your own district, visit the District Administration Office and obtain a verification letter (sipharis) from the concerned official there.
  3. Visit the Department of Passport, Narayanhiti, Kathmandu. Include all mandatory documents including the DAO’s verification letter, original citizenship certificate, and another xerox copy attached to the form.
  4. Make your payments. If you want to collect your passport on the same day, you have to pay Rs 15,000. If you wait until the next day or the day after two days, the fees are Rs 12,000, and Rs 10,000 respectively.
  5. Everyone has to present themselves in person. If you are applying for a minor, the minor has to go along with the parents or guardians. The application should also include the applicant’s minor identity card issued by their respective DAO, and the original copy and photocopies of the applicant’s mother or father’s citizenship certificate. If anyone else is selected as the guardian, the guardian should be present along with the minor with the essentials documents that include the original citizenship certificate of the guardian and another xerox copy. A certificate issued by the local government proving the minor’s relationship with the guardian should also be included.


Photo requirements

Also, there is a separate photo guideline for an MRP for the easy identification of the MRP photos. This photo guideline confirms the criteria set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Here are the details:

  1. The photo must be taken within six months.
  2. The size of the photo must be as per the following illustration:
  3. The photo must not be processed or modified colourfully or digitally.
  4. The photographed person should be looking straight at the camera so that both ears are visible. The look of the face must be natural, and there should not be other marks or scars except natural ones.
  5. Eyes should be open and clearly visible. If one wears spectacles, the spectacles’ frame must be thin and of light colour. Also, eyes should be clearly visible through that without any reflection.
  6. Except for religious reasons, head coverings and ornaments are not permitted.
  7. The photo must have a plain light background with no border.
  8. The photo must be proportionately bright on the face with a fair amount of light. It must have no shadows and no red eyes due to flashes.
  9. The photo must be printed in a high-quality paper.


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