Govt warns of suspending broadcast of foreign channels that are not clean-feed

Kathmandu, October 14

The government has warned of suspending the broadcast of foreign channels if they do not come clean feed by October 23.

Reminding that October 23 is the date set for the implementation of the clean feed policy as per the Advertising Bill enacted last year, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology says it is committed to implementing the provision.

As per the clean feed rule, television broadcasters cannot broadcast additional texts and graphics including advertisements.

The ministry says its attention was drawn to requests made by cable television operators to defer the deadline to implement the new policy.

The ministry will take action against the broadcasters failing to follow the new rule, according to the ministry’s spokesperson Gokarna Mani Duwadi. The Advertising Act allows the government to suspend the broadcasting of the channels that are not clean-feed.

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