Govt extends current school year until mid-June thanks to Covid-19

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File: Children, masked, attend a class at their school amid the coronavirus infection risk, in Kathmandu.

Kathmandu, February 18

The government has decided to extend this academic session until mid-June* for all schools across the country owing to the impact of the Covid-19 crisis in teaching-learning activities.

The Ministry of Education Spokesperson Deepak Sharma says the new academic session for grades 1-12 will begin after mid-June only.

Generally, a school year begins in Nepal every April and ends in March. “But, we have decided to push the current session two months away, he says, adding the Education Regulation allows the government to change the academic calendar in case there is an epidemic, disaster or any valid reason.

Despite the extension, it is still challenging for the schools to complete the course on time as they resumed classes just recently. The government requires a school to teach at least 180 days for a class to complete.

“Therefore, the government has already revised the curricula for this year and limited them to 70 per cent.”

But still, the schools are under pressure, informs Ritu Raj Sapkota, the president of the National Private and Boarding Schools’ Association Nepal (NPABSAN).


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