Govt assures farmers of sufficient fertilisers for next 6 months

File: Minister Padma Kumari Aryal speaks during a press meet in Kathmandu, on Friday, February 28, 2020.

Kathmandu, March 4

The government says it has a sufficient stock of chemical fertilisers to meet the farmers’ demand for the next six months.

Organising a press meet in Kathmandu on Thursday, the ministry said the farmers should not worry about the fertilisers for the upcoming season.

Last year, Nepal suffered from the chemical fertiliser crisis due to different factors including the Covid-19 pandemic and the contractors’ failure to keep their promises. To combat that crisis, Nepal is purchasing 50,000 metric tonnes of urea from Bangladesh as per a government-to-government agreement. 

Speaking in the press meet today, Agriculture Minister Padma Aryal said the government now has 162,000 metric tonnes of fertilisers in its stock.

When the rice plantation season begins in the monsoon, the country will have 200,000 metric tonnes in the stock, according to her.

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