Election Commission warns against the mobilisation of children in electioneering

Election Commission. Photo: Chanda Bahadur Ale
Election Commission. Photo: Chanda Bahadur Ale

Kathmandu, October 20

The Election Commission has urged parties and candidates to not mobilise children in electioneering in the run-up to the November 20 elections.

In a directive issued to the parties and candidates participating in the elections, the constitutional body says children should not be mobilised in any activities meant to solicit votes in the run-up to the elections.

Likewise, the parties and candidates cannot use musical instruments in the electioneering whereas the activities should be conducted from 7 am to 7 pm only, according to the commission.

The commission also reminds them that only up to 25 people can participate in the door-to-door campaign at a time whereas the local police should be informed in advance as per the election code of conduct.

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