Waiting for a driving licence? The wait will be over in the next 1.5 months

File: Printed driving licences_ online licence application system _ smart licence smart driving licence
File: Printed driving licences

Kathmandu, December 29

The Department of Transport Management says those who have passed a driving licence test will get their licences within the next one and a half months.

Currently, about 450,000 applicants are waiting for the licences of different categories even after passing the test, claims the department chief Namaraj Ghimire.

The printing of “smart” driving licences was halted for the past nine months as the stock of the cards (sheets to print the licences) ran out. The department resumed printing them again on Tuesday in the presence of Physical Infrastructure and Transport Minister Renu Kumari Yadav.

The department says it will print at least 8,000 driving licences a day from now onwards.

Meanwhile, the department has already begun issuing one-year probational licences for those passing the driving licence.

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