Embossed number plates can be printed in Nepali also from now onwards

embossed number plates
File: An embossed number plate

Kathmandu, April 5

The government has decided that embossed number plates of vehicles can be printed in Nepali also from now onwards.

The government spokesperson Rekha Sharma informed the press on Tuesday that a recent cabinet meeting amended a rule about the vehicle registration plates, ensuring that there will be some Nepali also on the plates.

Earlier, the plates could be written only in English.

Reportedly, Deputy Prime Minister Narayan Kaji Shrestha, who was recently transferred to the Ministry of Home Affairs from the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, was concerned about the language of embossed number plates.

Amid a lukewarm response from the public due to a number of issues–including the language, design and costs, the government’s plan to enforce the new registration plates has failed despite repeated deadlines issued.

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