Covid-19 Nepal: Banke man in line for PCR test dies

Locals of Kohalpur, Banke, take the body of their relative who died in line waiting for a coronavirus test, on Friday, May 7, 2021.

Nepalgunj, May 7

One person died when he was waiting for his turn in line to give a swab sample for the coronavirus, in Kohalpur, Banke of southwestern Nepal, on Friday.

The deceased, a resident of Kohalpur-5 in the district, is yet to be identified, but he appears in his late 50s. Of late, Banke has emerged as one of the hotspots of the coronavirus infection in Nepal.

He had gone to the Nepalgunj Medical College Teaching Hospital in Kohalpur for the test after experiencing difficulty in breathing. However, he breathed his last before his swab was collected, informs a doctor of the hospital.

“It is said that he had had a fever and headache for the past few days. After he did not recover with medicines that he bought from a local pharmacy, he had come to the hospital,” the doctor informs, adding he might have died as the level of oxygen deteriorated in his body.

Following the incident, his relatives took the body to home on an auto rickshaw, it has been learned.


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