Covid-19 hits Nepali actor Resh Marhatta’s ‘dream project’

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Resh Marhatta, a well-known name in the Nepali film industry, has recently launched a high-budget project called ‘National Treasure: the blood run’ as an actor and producer.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic has slowed down his progress. He had to put on hold this multinational movie while he was in China. Previous to this, the movie was already shot in Sweden, London, America, Nepal, and India.

The National Treasure is an action-packed suspense feature film that includes actors from seven countries. Among them, an actor from the Hollywood film ‘Titanic’, Jari Kinnunen, says he loved the concept of this movie and is glad to be a part of it. 

“The script is highly demanding in terms of production so we haven’t compromised a bit to take this movie to the next level”, says the production designer Fredrik Sandstrom. He further adds Marhatta spent one month in Sweden for flight training with Captain Stig Lindgren for this movie.

“I am impressed with the hard work and dedication that Resh puts on for the training,” says Mathew Sumner, Action Director. 

Marhatta has also taken a step further by teaming up with Chinese distributors Barry Zhang and Li Chang De for the marketing and streaming of the movie in China. “The storyline and the making of the movie are so captivating that it gave us the confidence to stream it on the OTT platform here, which I’m sure will be a good surprise for movie lovers in China,” says Li.

The team is also negotiating with Indian distributors for the OTT platform. When asked about resuming the shoot, producer Marhatta says he is facing problems with the visa of his crew members due to restrictions but is very optimistic about resuming soon. One of the directors, Ari Sakari, adds that he is very thrilled to team up with Resh and is excited for the sequel of the movie already.

This is not the only one project that has been on hold for Marhatta. His Bollywood movie as an actor, called ‘Paranormal’ directed by Sanjay Sharma has also been affected by the pandemic. His pipeline projects ‘11th Street’ and ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ are also currently on hold.

Who is Resh Marhatta?

Resh Marhatta is an actor and a producer. Entrepreneur Marhatta has added many feathers to his cap as an author, columnist, real estate investor and a business educator. He is a graduate from Weber State University, Utah with high honour.  He has received a business teaching licence from Utah State Board of Education and taught for a few years in a vocational institute in Utah as a Business Instructor.

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