Away from home, Swasthani devotees suffer a lot, but they are hopeful and happy

Whereas the monthlong Swasthani Brata, a religious ritual observed in the month of Magh (January-February), is a fun affair for many locals of Sankhu, an ancient town on the eastern side of Kathmandu, it means something different from Jeevan Shrestha. In the past two decades, he has been considered a living god himself every fourth […]

Nil Barahi Naach has been going on for four centuries, will it survive the next decade?

Sujeet Balaya’s life changed when he decided to play one of the deities at the annual Nil Barahi Naach, a traditional dance performed at a small Newari settlement of Bode, east of Kathmandu, a day after the Gai Jatra festival. Every time a person playing one of the 19 ‘deities’ in the animated procession of […]