‘I pierce my tongue, but I’m not a demon’

Four days before the jibro chedne jatra (tongue piercing festival) Buddha Krishna Baga Shrestha stood in front of all the Bode village elders to commit that he will pierce his tongue for the seventh time on Monday, the second day of the new year. Every time he stood before the elders, he felt the same: […]

6,000 security personnel, 5,000 volunteers to manage Pashupati crowd on Shivaratri

Kathmandu, March 3 The Pashupati Area Development Trust says it is mobilising around 6,000 security personnel and 5,000 volunteers to manage the crowd of devotees in the Pashupati area on the day of Mahashivaratri. Hindus across the world are celebrating the annual festival on Monday this year. Thousands of visitors, mainly Nepalis and Indians, visit […]