Slugging it out on two wheels: the Langtang ride II

(Read the first part of the story.) At daybreak, the burgeoning Sherpa Gaun (2,563m) looked like in the making of a miniature town. Blue corrugated zinc-roofed houses seemed to replace the once slate-roofed hamlet. And, as the village turned into a frequent stopover for the Langtang Valley trekkers, the place seemed marked by much life […]

Why visiting Muktinath during snowy winter can be a rewarding affair

To visit Muktinath, a Hindu and Buddhist religious shrine in Mustang district of western Nepal, the autumn is considered the best season. The weather conditions during this season are perfect for walking around and sightseeing. I chose the same season for my trip in the past, but this time I wanted to experience something different. […]