Cycling from Bhim Dunga via Switzerland Park to Kalu Pandey Memorial Ground (Part I)

Kathmandu offers every mountain biker bountiful to explore outdoors—intimate hills, lush woods, laidback countryside, a breath of fresh air, and by far, nature at its best. No sooner you are done with one fascinating jaunt than another awaits you. It’s all yours for the taking. All you got to do is make your mind up, […]

Shantidham: After lockdown, visit this hallowed site in Kathmandu

I thought I would be strong enough in a week to ride my mountain bike again to Shantidham snugly tucked away amidst lush woods in the verdant hills of Kavresthali. The little mishap I had in the last ride prevented me, however, from riding for almost two weeks. Some 50 yards before the holy site, […]