6 easy family hiking destinations in Kathmandu

When it comes to family activities, Kathmandu does not have a lot to offer. Movies and restaurants are the go-to place for families but can be done anytime. There are places like Kathmandu Funpark, Kathmandu Fun Valley and Whoopeeland, but even these get boring once you visit them. There is one activity though that is an ideal family activity – hiking.

Why family hiking? It will keep all of you fit; you are out in nature which will make your children curious and it is a great chance to unwind away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

When it comes to family hiking, Kathmandu has many places. In fact, there is a spot for everyone. There are places for the pro-hikers who want to walk for 10 hours plus and there are moderate ones. For families, however, both of these options might be a bit too much, so, today, we bring you a list of short family hiking routes which offer great views without walking as much.

1. Bishnudwar

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Bishnudwar is probably the easiest hiking spot in the valley. Located in the Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park, the place can be reached halfway by car or bike, after which you have to walk for around an hour to reach the source of the Bishnumati river. The place is calm and soothing. The walk to it is also quite pleasant as it is mostly flat until the climb up to Bishnudwar. The view of the valley on a clear day is just jawdropping. A recommended spot for family hiking as well as for those involving novice hikers…

2. Boson Danda

Boson Danda near Taudaha lake is another easy yet interesting family hiking destination. The hike to Boson Danda can start from different places. You can start from Taudaha itself if you do not want to walk much or start it from either Kirtipur or Bhaisepati. You have to walk a bit more from Kirtipur, but the climb is not much but the trail does take past old settlements and forests. The view from Boson Danda, also known as White House, is just breathtaking. You can see the grandeur of the Kathmandu valley to the north with mountains like Manaslu, Langtang and Ganesh.

3. Chandragiri

File: Kathmandu is seen from Chandragiri, a perfect family hiking destination.
File: Kathmandu is seen from Chandragiri, a perfect family hiking destination.

The hike to Chandragiri is underrated. Before the cable car was set up, the only way to get to the top was through a rugged trail that took only motorbikes, bicycles and hikers. The trial from the bottom to the top takes around four hours, walking mostly through forests filled with different flora and fauna. The view from the top is just sublime too as you get a 360 view from where you can see different mountains to the north. If tired to take the walk back down, you can take the cable car ride.

4. Chisapani

popular trekking routes - 5. Chisapani - Nagarkot - Dhulikhel

Chisapani is another ideal destination for short family hiking as well as hiking with friends. The trail that starts from Sundarijal climbs up to Chisapani through rhododendron forests. The hike takes around four hours as it takes you to a nice little settlement that people are sure to fall in love with. To the north are the snow-capped mountains which just adds to the beauty of an already pretty place. If lucky, you might also get to spot a few wild animals.

5. Jamacho/Nagarjun

View of Kathmandu from Nagarjun. Photo: Wikimedia

Hiking to Jamacho in Nagarjun is an easy and short hike within the valley. The hike starts a little further from Balaju Bypass and takes around three hours to get to the top. The place is also famous for Nagarjuna’s cave where he performed meditation. From the top of Jamacho Gumba, you can see the Kathmandu valley to the east and the mountain range to the north. If you do not want to hike to this family hiking destination, you can take your car to the top of the hill.

6. Tarebhir via Jagadol

Kathmandu valley and airport seen from Tarebhir.

This is another hiking spot located in the Shivapuri area that is short and family-friendly. The trail starts from Jagadol in Gorkarneshwar and climbs high through pine forest and Buddhist prayer flags. The common trail to Tarebhir is through the ISKCON temple in Budanilkantha but post-Covid, this route has come to more use. The trail is simple and pleasant and roughly takes around two hours to get to the top, making it a favourable family hiking destination. 

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