We can secure two-third majority for Constitution amendments even if CPN-UML does not support us: NC leader Khand


Kathmandu, August 1

Bal Krishna Khand, an influential Nepali Congress leader and confidante of party President Sher Bahadur Deuba, said on Monday his party does not need support of the CPN-UML in the Parliament to security a two-third majority for effecting amendments in the new Constitution to incorporate demands of Madheshi parties.

Talking to Onlinekhabar in Singhadurbar, Khand said his party is ready to strive for consensus on political issues by taking UML along. During the interview, Khand presented a roadmap on garnering two-third majority in the House even if the CPN-UML refuses to go along.

Khand said: We have been saying that political parties should reach an understanding on the issues of Constitution implementation and the peace process. We have never said we will not go for power sharing with the UML.

Yes, we should seek broad-based consensus but there’s no guarantee that there will be an understanding even if the UML becomes a part of the government. If parties with ideological differences are in a government, any understanding between them may be meaningless. The recent turn of events has shown that no political process can move ahead without the involvement of the Congress.

He said: The Nepali Congress is the largest party in the Legislature-Parliament. We possess one-third of the strength of the House. Even if a consensus government takes shape, addressing demands of Madheshi Morcha (United Democratic Madheshi Front) and other parties through constitutional amendment will be impossible without the Congress. It is our desire to forge all-party understanding on important issues, not only on government formation.

The Congress leader further said: We can garner two-third majority in favour of constitutional amendments even without the CPN-UML. If all other parties come together, we can get two-third votes even if the UML stays out. At this juncture, however, we are against excluding the UML. After formation of a new government, we will hold talks with the UDMF, UML and other parties after forming a new government.

Khand said: We — the Congress, the UML, Prachanda-led Maoists and Madheshi Morcha — were together for a certain stretch during the constitution-making process. Some Morcha members left the process as it was nearing completion. Now, we are preparing to bring the Morcha to an understanding. And we hope the UML will help us in our efforts.


Fulfilling all of Madheshi parties’ demands is not possible. And they did not raise all these demands, hoping that all of them will be addressed.  


According to Khand, fulfilling all of Madheshi parties’ demands — redrawing of provincial boundaries, proportionate inclusive representation in all organs of the state and provision on introducing provisions on letting naturalised citizens become chiefs of constitutional bodies — is not possible. And they did not raise all these issues thinking all of them can be fulfilled. Discussions will find a way out. Some demands may be fulfilled, while the remaining ones can be agendas for the next election. Those raising these agendas have also realised that they are complex issues, but they have to keep raising them nonetheless for political consumption.


Some demands may be fulfilled, while the remaining ones can be agendas for the next election.


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