4 ministers from CPN-UML to take oath today

UML Bagmati

Hetauda, April 2

Bagmati Chief Minister Shalikram Jamkattel is appointing four more ministers today. Ministers are scheduled to take oath today at 3 pm.

All four ministers are going to be appointed from CPN-UML. CPN-UML sources say that the three ministers sent to the government formed on January 10 will be reassigned. One more person is becoming a minister for the first time.

Chief Minister Jamkattel is preparing to appoint Prakash Shrestha in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Lands and Administration, Keshav Pokhrel in the Ministry of Forest and Environment, Ekalal Shrestha in the Ministry of Drinking Water, Energy and Irrigation and Rameshwar Shrestha in the Ministry of Health, according to sources in the Chief Minister’s Office.

Out of the six ministries left by the Nepali Congress, CPN-UML will take the leadership of five ministries. On March 30, UML parliamentary party leader Jagannath Thapalia was appointed the Economic Affairs and Planning Minister.

Hamro Nepali Party’s Shailendra Man Bajracharya has been appointed to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Cooperatives left by the Congress.

Prakash, who was also an MP in the previous term of the provincial assembly, is becoming a minister for the first time.

Rameshwar Shrestha was the Ministry of Health before. Pokhrel was the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Development and Ekalal was the Minister of Labour, Employment and Transport.

UML was in the government for two months and left on March 24, 2023.

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